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What to expect when traveling with Awaken ?

Awaken is an organization that allows everyone to travel with purpose and to learn about themselves personally and professionally:

↝ Open your mind by exploring different regions, meeting charming communities, and understanding their cultures. 

↝ Give your heart to others and volunteer with children and teens at our youth foundation.

↝ Travel and get out of your routine and discover magnificent places off the beaten path.  

When you come to Awaken, you will be learning, exploring and volunteering. You will have the opportunity to focus on one of these aspects depending on your program. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Ecuador, and join Awaken today! 

High Adrenaline

​​Do you enjoy feeling the rush of adrenaline? Have you always wanted to try a once in a lifetime adventure? Then the high adrenaline program is perfect for you! Come to Ecuador to explore and camp in the middle of the jungle, hike volcanoes, take on a variety of extreme sports, and learn the culture and customs of local indigenous communities.

Free Spirit

Are you looking to take time for personal reflection and to connect with nature? Are you looking for  a travel experience where you can mix personal awareness and fun-filled adventures? Then the Free spirit program is great for you. Participate in ancestral ceremonies, take a dip in natural hot springs, hike unknown trails, and go on many adventures such as surfing in the bright blue waters off the Ecuadorian coast.

University programs

Awaken is determined to give students many learning opportunities while exploring a country full of biodiversity.  We offer programs that are uniquely tailored to the needs of each university. 

Company programs

Your team is what makes your company great? You are looking for a way to motivate them further or support them getting their energy recharged then have your team travel with us.