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High Adrenaline

Do you enjoy feeling the rush of adrenaline? Have you always wanted to try once in a lifetime adventure? Then the high adrenaline program is perfect for you! Come to Ecuador to explore and camp in the middle of the jungle, hike volcanoes, take on a variety of extreme sports, and learn the culture and customs of local indigenous communities.

Trip type : Active

For those who like to sweat, this adventure is for you! Make Ecuador your playground while getting closer to nature, culture, and your own limits.

Physical rating :

Tour will include hiking, canoeing and other extreme sports. Good fitness level recommended.

Number of days :

14 days 

Starting at $2,450


↝ Straddle the equator at the Middle of the World
↝ Hike volcano, Rucu Pinchincha
↝ Learn how to make traditional Ecuadorian meals
↝ Visit the Panecillo, a large statute of the Virgin Mary overlooking Quito – climb inside to the top of the statue for one of the best views of Quito
↝ Tour the historical center, the first UNESCO world heritage site and known for its colonial architecture and ornate cathedrals


↝ Explore the vast and stunning biodiversity of the jungle
↝ Jump off a waterfall at the Gran Cañon
↝ Partake in the ancestral rituals of local tribes
↝ Learn to make chocolate from scratch 
↝ Explore the Jumandi caves and discover the wonders hidden in the dark
↝ Swim in natural springs and take a dip in a medicinal mud pool
↝ Canoe down the Napo River
↝ Learn jungle survival techniques and put your newfound knowledge into practicing when camping in the middle of the jungle
↝ Participate in traditional tribal dance 
↝ Visit a wildlife rehabilitation center 


↝ Propel yourself off the edge of a mountain at the Swing at the End of the world
↝ Witness the incredible view on Tungurahua volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in Ecuador
↝ Feel the power of the waterfall Pailon del Diablo (Devil’s Cauldron), one of the most forcefall waterfalls in the world
↝ Learn the history of how tribes use waterfalls in their rituals 
↝ Test yourself with various extreme sports, such as bungee jumping, ziplining, waterfall rappelling, and white water rafting
↝ Relax with a massage complete with volcanic rocks, oils, and even chocolate
↝ Hike down Quilotoa, a crater lake where the water actually glows, and canoe in the lake
↝ Take in the staggering size of Cotopaxi and hike up to the refuge


DAY 1 – Quito Arrive Quito. Transportation from the airport.

DAY 2 – Quito Visit Mitad del Mundo (equator) and Intiñan Museum.

DAY 3 – Quito Take a cable car part way up and then hike Rucu Pichincha Vulcano, an active volcano flanking Quito, to an elevation of 4,698 m (15,413 ft).

DAY 4 – Cotopaxi Hike Cotopaxi, a snow-capped volcano and one of the highest points in Ecuador. Enjoy a warm hot chocolate and empanadas at the top to re-energize for the bicycle back down.

DAY 5 – Quilotoa Descend into Quilotoa crater lake and hike or ride back up by mule. After the hike, visit the town of Zumbahua’s artisanal museum and learn about the culture and life-style of El Páramo community.

DAY 6 – Baños Take a turn on the Swing at the End of the World, a famous activity and lookout point of Tungurahua Volcano. Cycle to the Devil’s Cauldron Waterfall – the second largest waterfall in Ecuador. 

DAY 7 – Baños Visit Baños and choose any one of the extreme excursion (bungee jumping, canyoning, ziplining, or white-water rafting) on offer. Enjoy a massage complete with volcanic rock, oils, and even chocolate. Visit Misahualli and interact with community members as well as wild-life, such as monkeys, that roam the city before heading into the jungle tomorrow.

DAY 8 – Misahualli Boat down the Misahualli river to a cocoa farm and artisanal chocolate making demonstration with tasting. Learn about tribal life in the jungle from a local guide. Spend the night in an eco-lodge in the middle of the jungle.

DAY 9 – Misahualli Collect fresh fruits and plantains for breakfast. Jungle hike with a guide who will highlight medicinal plants and other plant uses as well as explain tribal life. Spend the night in one of the huts of a Quichua community member who will welcome you with a traditional dinner and dancing.

DAY 10 – Misahualli Visit amaZOOnico, a wildlife rescue center for animals. Enjoy lunch onsite. Leave the jungle by boat. Visit Archidona.

DAY 11 – Napo Hike through a primary region of the jungle with a local guide. Climb to the top of the Gran Cañon waterfall. Spend the rest of the day with the jungle tribes and experience their daily life. 

DAY 12 – Tena Explore the Jumandi Caves where you can see ancient stalagmites and stalactites. Swim in natural pools, climb breath-taking waterfalls and enjoy medicinal mud pools.

DAY 13 – Quito Visit Centro Historico, the largest and most well-preserved historic center in South America, and artisanal markets. In the evening, watch the sunset from Panecillo. Farewell dinner in Quito. 

DAY 14 – Quito Transportation to the airport.