Awaken company

About us
Our Mission

To provide transformative travel experiences, allowing people to live unique and unforgettable moments while experiencing adventures that lead them to generate personal and professional development.

Our Vision

Become the leading company in Ecuador that creates experiential travel experiences while supporting sustainability.

Meet our team members


CEO and Founder

Edison will be the link between yourself and the Awaken experience. He will enjoy exploring Ecuador as much as you while telling the fascinating stories about the country. Caring and outgoing, his main purpose is allowing you to live a local experience while becoming a part of the Awaken family.


She is the creative mind of Awaken. Her dynamic and dreaming mind allows her to always come up with new ideas. Flexible and multitasking, she is always doing her best to make your trip fun. She's the most amazing human being you will ever meet and she will be your favorite person on the Awaken team... no doubt


She is a mom to everyone that has been a part of Awaken. She is the first to give hugs, the best cook, and the most caring and loving person you will ever come across in your life.


He's the one that makes your adventure possible. He will be driving you from place to place with joy, awesome music and good humour. Funny, helpful and reliable he will quickly become one of your best friends in Ecuador.