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Explore Northern Highlands - Otavalo, Peguche

Not far from Quito, lives a multicultural world that presents their artisanal creations to the world. In this tour we will dive into this community’s lifestyle and their magical ancestral traditions.

We will visit all of the following locations along our route:

    • Cayambe: we will see how traditional biscochos are made in a brick oven, while we enjoying a delicious breakfast.
    • San Pablo Lake: Enjoy the beautiful view of the magestic lake.
    • Peguche: an ancestral and ritualistic waterfall. We will walk on the trail up to the waterfall. Optional Activity: If you want to get in the waterfall be sure you bring shorts and a shirt that can get wet.
    • Otavalo: We will visit the town as well as 2 families that have been creating the beautiful artisanal things sold at the market, for generations. We will not just see their homes, but we will experience their lifestyle and all they are preparing for us.
    • Clothing Demonstration: We will learn about how locals obtain fabrics as well as how they work on them to create beautiful clothes.
    • House of Music Demonstration: Learn how locals make a pan flute in minutes, creating precise notes just by ear.
    • Plaza de Ponchos/Lunch: We will visit the one of the largest artisanal markets of the Americas, Plaza de Ponchos. We will eat lunch at the towns’ oldest traditional fritada (garlic pork meat cooked in a copper pot) restaurant (there are also vegetarian options).


Price includes :

– All Entrance fees

– National Certified Guide

– Transportation

Price does not include :




Bring comfortable clothes and walking shoes as well as sunscreen and a rain coat.