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Interns will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a practical way while constantly developing their soft skills, such as empathy, creativity, communication, problem-solving, etc. Our internship program provides training and opportunities for growth. The program is designed so that our interns are truly living and working while experiencing Ecuador. Interns will also have the opportunity to travel and explore other parts of Ecuador on weekends.

Highlights :
  • Spend your time working among a new culture and  learning to communicate in a different language.
  • Help children and their families reach a new way of life.
  • Because we are a fairly small organization, you will jump right in with real responsibilities. 
  • Outside of work, explore and have fun with us.
  • Be a part of the Awaken team. Be a part of the Awaken family.
Develop skills such as :


When you volunteer at Awaken, you will look at life through a fresh perspective after working alongside people who have faced immense challenges and overcome great limitations. Through volunteering we seek to generate a feeling of empathy as the basis of social relations; see, hear and feel the world from the perspective of another human being and ultimately raise awareness about the culture of helping others.

Highlights :
  • Be part of our manager team.
  • Use your knowledge and experience to help our organization grow and improve.
  • Get involved in strategic areas, have administrative responsibilities and/or lead our operative teams on our projects.
  • Volunteer as a part of our operations team.
  • Have hands-on experience in our projects. Creativity and collaboration are the priority in all of our volunteering activities.
  • Work in teams to design, organize and lead different activities such as clubs, theater, music, dance, lectures, and games.
  • The activities and work of the volunteers must generate a positive and caring atmosphere and leave an empowering message to children, youth and adults from different projects.
Travel while intern or volunteering

Enjoy exciting moments of sheer adventure! Share these experiences with people of different backgrounds and nationalities, all the while learning more about Ecuadorian culture and discovering Ecuador’s natural wonders, from the warm beaches to the lush rainforests and the literally breath-taking Andean Mountain range. Through traveling and exploring, participants will feel in touch with nature and their environment by developing respect and love for life, while discovering the delicate to the most exotic corners of our country.