Awaken foundation

The Community development program

To create sustainable community programs to support the communities with educational, mental and physical health. To provide holistic support through the constant personal, professional, and social development of the communities we work with.


We work with communities in the rural areas of Ecuador that can not easily access education, medical attention and other personal and professional development opportunities.

We support each participant’s physical, psychological, behavioral, educational, and professional development while cultivating a better quality of life. Finally, we work with society at large to raise awareness about a culture of compassion and social support.

The Communities involved




Educational program

  • We collaborate with ongoing educational preparedness projects at the communities to ensure that every kid has access to education.
  • We help the parents with the registration process and ensure their kids are enrolled in the public schools of the area.
  • We focus on primary and secondary students.
  • Through our Clubs program we strive to create a safe space where leaders from the communities, after being trained by professionals, have the knowledge and the expertise to lead activities within projects. This creates consistency within the clubs.
  • Our participants undergo personal development training, geared to help participants actively and effectively make a positive impact on their social circles and community

Focuses in teaching the basics of Microsoft office, internet navigation and videoconference tools.

English opens up our participants to much more opportunities. This could be finding a better job or starting their own entrepreneurship project.

Sports are the best way to channel emotions while also keeping participants away from drugs and other vices.


At the beginning of each school year,  we collect donations and give school supplies to children and teenagers who need them to attend classes and be prepared to learn.


We provide help to new mothers with children from birth to 2 years old by helping provide the essentials for healthy children. 

sponsor a child

By taking on a child sponsorship, you give your sponsored child a better future and you help their family and the entire community at the same time.

With our sponsor a child  program we look to build more direct help and relationships.  We connect children in need with caring and giving hearts.

• Unlike other forms of donation,  you will be personally involved with your sponsor and receive regular updates. You will see the impact of your donations because your help has a name, a face, and a story.

• We are not asking for large amounts of money. With only $10 a month we can give a child healthier food. With $15 we can pay for school supplies & transportation. With $45 Dollars we can provide the child with private health insurance.

• Just contact us and together we will find the right child sponsor for you.