Our mission is to provide transformative travel experiences, allowing people to live unique and unforgettable moments while experiencing adventures that lead them to generate personal and professional development.

Awaken guides you as you travel with purpose. Be immersed in the Ecuadorian culture alongside professionals who feel more like family than guides. Discover many destinations around Ecuador amidst volcanoes, mountains, rivers, beaches, and rainforests.  Volunteer with children and teens at our youth foundation.  Whether you want to intern abroad, discover magnificent places off the beaten path, or give a helping hand through volunteering, Awaken has something for you.

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Awaken created an amazing experience for our group! The Awaken family created an itinerary filled with care and purpose. Part of our schedule, which was detailed and extensive, included learning about sustainable tourism throughout the Amazon as well as the San Clemente community. Awaken crafted an experience that provided hands on learning and the opportunity to interact with the local people for us to learn from each other. It was brilliant, impactful, and meaningful. If you want to travel with a purpose, see amazing things, and meet wonderful people, choose Awaken. 

Stacey Smith - professor, UNITED STATES

Everyone at Awaken made sure that I got exactly what I wanted out of the experience through really taking the time to understand my travel and volunteer-related goals and make them happen! Whether that was specific programs that I wanted to run with the kids we were working with or places that I wanted to travel to on the weekends! Living with the Awaken team (a combination of fellow travellers and local Ecuadoreans) really makes you feel like you are living the local experience. 

MADELAINE COTTON - student, canada

From mountains and volcanoes to crater lakes and rivers, from the jungle to the ocean and an island, we climbed, hiked, swam, camped, and rafted. We even got to do some whale watching! Seriously we did all that we wanted and more. Thank you to the wonderful Awaken team for making it all possible. 

Mckenzi myers - student, United states

Awaken put together a truly inspired itinerary for our group which emphasized sustainable and nature tourism. The trip included exploring diverse ecosystems as well as homestays with locals in their community. The week-long schedule was well-planned and executed and included private transportation and accommodations at the Awaken house. The Awaken family was a highlight in itself. Everyone was warm, welcoming, and fun-loving. They also made sure we were well looked after and prepared regional delicacies for each of our meals. Overall an unforgettable experience. I highly recommend Awaken to anyone looking for a unique experience in Ecuador. 

Karen thal - professor, UNITED STATES

I had an amazing experience with Awaken!! Not only did I travel with them, I shared many moments with them. We did so much and laughed so much together! I fell in love with the beautiful country of Ecuador, specifically Quito, the city between mountains. The country offers many different places to visit, as well as a rich and unique culture.  
Thank youuuu!!

Maëlle Autret - student, France

I was able to develop invaluable relationships and gain knowledge of the experiences of children in under-privileged communities. These expanded perspectives will be applied in all my future endeavours in and beyond teaching in an international setting. I will always be grateful for my time in this breathtaking country, and as a bonus, I was also able to check a few adventurous items off my bucket list!

DANYI WU - student, CANADA

Edison's knowledge and experience with NLP is particularly relevant and is very useful for both professional and personal clientele. He is an expert in all things relating to Ecuador. To anyone considering a developmental journey, I would highly recommend Ecuador as an inspirational destination with Awaken as your guide.


Traveling with Awaken is the best way to experience Ecuador! The team is passionate about what they do, and they are so welcoming to everyone. Many of our adventures were off the beaten path, which allowed us to learn so much about the country and its people. Each experience was educational and inspiring. We were welcomed in by other communities, and we were able to be immersed in a culture different than our own. If you are looking for a meaningful travel experience, I highly recommend that you travel Ecuador with Awaken.

Megan bielefeld - student, UNITED STATES

I can’t believe it’s over. It feels like we just stepped out of the airport in a different country with no idea what we were about to experience. I have grown so much during these 10 days, doing things I would’ve never expected myself to ever do in a lifetime. I spent 5 days in the Amazon jungle sleeping with bugs, ate a whole fish with scales, jumped off a bridge, and most importantly cared for those who needed it most. The people I met on this trip will forever have a huge part of my heart, for they have showed me why I chose nursing as a profession. I will never forget this trip and will be counting down the days until I can visit this magical place again.

Alisa maria - student, UNITED STATES

Well it’s been two days since we returned from an amazing nursing trip in Ecuador. I can’t be more proud of my students and their commitment to serving the poor. So many students have made comments about how this trip changed their life and how proud they are to be a nurse. I can’t even begin to tell you all how much you all at Awaken have changed my life. I thank you all for that. A big thank you to everyone in our Awaken family. I look forward to returning and building our partnership.

Carl ross - professor, UNITED STATES

“Awaken your mind, empower your life, ignite your dreams.”

Powerful statements that have changed my life and that I will forever hold close to my heart. Extremely grateful to have had the opportunity of a lifetime. I have always dreamed of traveling the world, being surrounded by mountains, and having the opportunity to care for those outside of our borders. You all have challenged, motivated, and inspired me to better myself in many ways. You have allowed me to see the beauty in others and to view life through a new lens. I will never forget you all and the time we shared.

mitchell mozeyko - student, UNITED STATES

Thank you to the entire Awaken Family for the amazing experience and opportunity. I was pushed outside of my comfort zone from the very first moment I stepped foot off the plane in Quito. My time in Ecuador has been such a wonderful experience and truly life changing! I definitely will keep all of the memories and laughs close to my heart, forever! This trip truly could not have been done without you guys. I am eternally grateful for this opportunity and hopefully I will be able to come back in the near future. Thank you again for everything you have done for me on this trip.

emiley challingsworth - student, UNITED STATES