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We are looking for people who are self-motivated, highly energetic, and result-oriented to join our team. Your knowledge of marketing, social media platforms, sales, communications and passion for what Awaken does will enable you to enhance Awaken’s brand recognition, creating eminence and building the market understanding of what Awaken has to offer, thus ultimately leading to revenue.

Learn valuable managerial skills as well as skills in creativity, responsibility, leadership and teamwork. Awaken is an international company that will help you gain experience for the real world upon graduation from college or a university. Be exposed to life outside the classroom where you will study and learn about various scenarios that will occur in life, rather than experiencing them firsthand. An education is often vital to a young person's development in the professional world but interning is another great way to prepare for the challenges that lie ahead.
Our program is composed of 20% theory and 80% practical application. You will be part of trainings to gain a truly experiential education that occurs in different environments such as rainforests, mountains, caves, lakes, waterfalls and places that allow you to get in touch with yourself and with nature. Trainings will be provided by professionals to ensure a valuable and professional learning experience.

Career Exploration

• Learn about a career field from the inside and decide if this is the right career field for you
• Work alongside a professional in your chosen career area
• Observe the work place and see if it matches expectations

Leadership and Skill Development

• Learn new skills and add to your knowledge base while gaining confidence in your abilities
• Opportunity to practice communication and teamwork skills
• Gain industry knowledge first hand from an organization and professionals
• Provide evidence that you have initiative, are reliable and have a sense of responsibility
• Apply some of the ideas learned in school and provide a bridge between school and the professional world
• Achieve a sense of accomplishment by contributing to an organization

Networking and Establishing Mentors and References

• Meet new people and practice networking skills while establishing a network of professional contacts, mentors, and references
• Use the mentors within the team of Awaken to get advice for the next steps to take on your career path

Resume Enhancements

• Gain valuable experience and accomplishments to add to your resume and/or enhance your application to Graduate School
• Create an advantage over other job or graduate school applicants
• Potential for a full time job offer at the end of the internship based on your performance



In order to apply to intern with Awaken, please send your CV to with “Interning with Awaken” as the subject line. If you have experience in design, please attach 5 of your best works.

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